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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The evil to do list.

In today's post I wanted to talk to you all about the love hate relationship I have with my to do list. It seams to be ever growing, it's almost like the plot bunny's are breading like, well like bunny's :D

I will be adding a new page with the list on so I can update how I'm doing. (have you seen my links page?)

But first I wanted to apologise for not updating on Saturday. I've been waiting to have an operation and was called on Thursday to say I could come in on Monday. So right this moment I'm sitting in a hospital bed. I get to go home tonight though.

My very darling hubby brought me my laptop last night so I could keep myself from going totally crazy. Now back to my to do list.

I have two to do lists, one for fanfiction which I won't go into because it's damn scary. And my original work list.

I'll give you the list first then tell you more about some them.

A Dirty Weekend
A Lesson in Love
Out of Uniform and into Love
Moon Bound
Shadow Lands
Stranded and Secduced
The Castle of Lost Souls
The Hunters
The Lightson Dynasty
Writers Block

See I told you it was scary. They are in order of how they are saved not how I'm working on them.

The Lightson Dynasty is technically a cheat because it's has been finished and sent to my editor, I'm in-box stalking at the moment waiting for a response, just like I talked about in my last post.

(Pause for intermission.... It's now the next day and I'm home from hospital, thank heavens)

All of the stories have been started and in some cases nearly finished. Out of Uniform and into Love is nearly ready to be sent off it needs a final read over to fix the little things I missed while I wrote it. And 'A Dirty Weekend' is finished but I need to type it.

The rest, well they are all WIP's that I'm desperately trying to find enough time to work on. unfortunately for me I can't write just one story at a time, my brain can't concentrate on just one thing.

There are three that are currently fighting for dominance.

Moon Bound (it's a working title) which is the sequel to Red on the Moon and tells the story of Lucas' youngest brother quest to find his own longed for mate and continues a few weeks after the end of Red on the Moon. But nothing can be so easy, there are twists and turns and homicidal ex wives to get in the way.

Writer's Block. This story is only a few thousand words long so far. As yet I'm not sure where it's going to go. The main character is a writer, (yes I know you got that from the title.) who takes his dog out for a walk desperately searching for inspiration to a new book. He finds and rescues a run away little boy, and feels an instant connection with his father, who's trapped in a loveless marriage.

The Castle of Lost Souls (again a working title) This story, just has a very basic premise, which is worrying considering the deadline is very fast approaching. A group of friends are going camping in the Welsh hills. They find and get trapped in a castle's built into the very mountain itself.

So you see my to do list is evil, it's constantly pestering me to work on something and having far to many options. But I will get there, eventualy.

Do you have a to do list, or are you good and finish what you start?