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Thursday, 24 October 2013

i'm crazy and i know it...

I think I may have over committed myself....

Not only have I signed my self up for NaNo. (for those who don't know it's where mad people try and write 50 thousand words in 30 days) which means I have to average about 1667 words a day.

That in it's self isn't too bad. I have five story ideas which I'm going to work on for the event, if I can finish them all I think I'll end up with around 60 or 70 thousand or there abouts.

Now hear comes the bit where I just might be certifiably mad. I've been talked into writing for three anthologies, one I've already submitted to, the Serviced Anthology M/M, but now I'm going to write another story for that one. Two story's for Serviced M/F and a story under 2000 words that has to be a dark valentines story.

So now you see where I might be more than a little bit mad.

I started yesterday, I even started an event on my facebook page for people to yell at me to keep me going :D I've done 810 words so far. I hope to goodness that I can do it.

I'll let you know how things go with all that.

In the mean time, I've sent off the information for the art work for Red on the Moon, my werewolf book I seriously can't wait to see what they come up with as soon as I'm able I'll show you.

I'm sorry to cut this short but I have two job interviews today. Wish me luck :D

Friday, 4 October 2013

Welcome one and all to my first blog entry of October.

Well… God I have to stop starting my blog entry's with well…

Um, well I've started now so, I'll change it next time.

Since my last post I've been working extremely hard, don't let anyone ever tell you that it's easy being a writer because it's not. I, like many other writers have other jobs. My job is full time meaning I work anything from 60 – 80 hours in a week plus I have hubby and monster at home who are my world. Thank heavens for insomnia or I'd never get any writing done lol.

But I have been spending time promoting my books, I've even set up and had authenticated a goodreads account (feel free to drop me a line there or a review.)

 I already have my fan page on facebook set up, (I'm up to 66 likes already)

I've even done two guest spots on other people's blogs. But I have neglected to put anything on my own blog about my book. What can I say I'm useless lol.

Well here we go.

My very first stand alone book, is called Capitan Jack's Rose.

Captain Jack Edwards never believed in destiny, but being in the right place at the time when Rose needed him most, had to be more than luck.


Rose, the image of every school teacher a teenage boy got crushes on, kept her hair in a tight bun that made Jack long to shake it loose. And her students loved her.


Jack couldn't be any more different. As Captain in the British Army, he was rougher around the edges that he'd like to admit. Together they worked, but can he convince Rose that he's all an officer and a gentleman should be?


While showing the children and Rose the delights of the town, Jack tries to woo her. However, when he can't make promises most women want to hear, will he go back to England and re-enlist? Or will she give him a reason to stay?

It came out a few weeks ago and has been doing quite well, I don't seem to be getting any reviews yet but I'm hoping soon I'll get some, (I'm not hinting, well not a lot anyway, who the hell am I kidding, I'm asking)

What do you think of the cover? I adore it I was thrilled when they sent it to me to proof.

I would love to host Q&A so I'm going to do it here, ask me a question in your comments and I'll answer them all. As soon as I get them.

My other bit of awesome news is I signed a contract yesterday for my next book, it's called 'Red on the Moon'. It's a werewolf themed story, Lucas is the main character, he's a detective, and a cop. Hunting a killer who believes himself to be what Lucas is in reality, throw in a new partner, a soul mark about to change and the an interfering family, and you have a whole lot of fun, and plenty of sexy times. :D

I really can't wait to see what they make for the covert for this book.

I had best go, my editor is on my back about getting the edits of my next project going (yes I truly am that busy and insane) so I'd better get back to work.

Until the questions start see you soon.