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Friday, 29 November 2013

Hello people who read my ramblings,

Real life has seriously been kicking my butt, very slowly things are starting to look up. Its made life hard in many ways I've been feeling down so my creativity has suffered.

But, and its a good but. I think I'm back. :D I've sent back first edits on Red on the moon. Thanks to which I now hate the word was, I used it nearly 300 times lol, but now I know that I do it I will watch out for it and try not to use it so much. I'm still utterly in love with the cover that's been done for it.

I'm going to spend the next two days attempting to write 25k to finish NaNo, I think I can do it because I've done a lot by hand so its a matter of typing it up.

Now onto fun stuff.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for all my American friends, I hope you've had a fantastic day, and I hope you recover from food overload in time to do it all again for Christmas.

The whole thing got me thinking about holidays, and how thanks to the internet, rather than holidays just being restricted to the country they are predominantly celebrated in, the whole world is getting in on them too.
As far as I'm concerned I think its wonderful, just think about it, at this rate there won't be a month that goes by that we won't have a holiday to celebrate. One huge party every month with families getting together having a meal spending time together. Something that many families don't do.

Just think, when Christmas comes around I eat less leading up to it so I don't put on too much weight, so we wouldn't eat too much all the time. We'd be guaranteed to see family at least once a month, which is great because some families only get together for big holidays. Plus, how happy are people around holidays? (apart from stress of cooking cleaning and stuff breaking, but if your doing it regularly it won't be as stressful anymore and the cleaning wouldn't take as long)

So share your holidays, involve people from far away, when March comes round I'll tell everyone Happy St David's day :D until then Happy Thanksgiving everyone.