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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Impending Tour and Competition.

Hello again everyone. The last few weeks have been a bit rough on me. My very beloved cat had to be put to sleep. She was 23 years old and had been with Hubby since she was 6 weeks. Needless to say we were devastated, I think I will always miss her. She will forever have a place in my heart.

I find myself in need of a distraction, So. This September I have decided to push my writing as much as possible. 

By that I mean not just promote my already published work, but the books I'm currently writing too. I'm going to pick four stories from my Work In Progress list, (believe me it deserves the capital letters.) and spend September trying to finish them. 

I'm also doing a blog tour, I'd like to try and guest on a blog every day in September. I've already got three dates booked hopefully with more to come. If anyone's free to host me please feel free to get in touch with me. 

My plan is to start each blog post with my progress on each story, so you can encourage me and see how I'm getting on. The blog entry's might not be very long but I'll answer any questions I might have been asked on previous blogs tell you a bit about my day and snippets of each of my stories.

The competition is nice and simple, over the whole tour I will be keeping an eye on all the comments, so I can respond to them all. The question or comment that's the most interesting or funny will win a copy of one of my e-books.

One of the stories I'm going to use will be the sequel to Red on the Moon. I'll announce the four stories and a little bit about all the one's I've picked on my first blog stop which will be the very lovely Leona Bushman. I'll start a link page so you can easily follow the different day's of my blog tour, I'll update that daily too. 

So until Monday, see you soon.